"Tasty Testes" Ball Polish Sugar Scrub For Men

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It's back! For those of you who have purchased this in the past or at an event, you know the magic that is Tasty Testes Ball Polish. For those of you that don't.. well you're in for a treat.

Sure, you can buy this as a gag gift, but you will soon find out that this stuff is no joke. It is absolutely amazing!

Leaves the "area" smooth, soft and smelling incredible. The added bonus? The natural enzymes inhibit sweating all day long.

Wet the area and apply from stem to stern. Scrub away until the sugars dissolve into a rich, moisturizing lotion. Feel free to do any manscaping at this point, it works great as a shaving cream. Rinse and behold your newly risen balls!

Available in the following "flavors":

Vanilla Vamp - Sweet, rich vanilla bean.

Screamsicle - Fresh orange blended with rich vanilla bean - just like the 50-50 ice cream bars we all know and love!

Sucker Punch - A sweet, effervescent blend of lime, blood orange, black cherry, strawberry, violet, lily and vanilla bean. Reminiscent of Fruit Stripe Gum.