Palm Wax Melts

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Ethically sourced palm wax from a private plantation- no wildlife has been affected!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with palm, it creates gorgeous crystal patterns which, when in this tiny form, are hard to see and look drab and dull at first glance. Once melted, they are brightly colored with pearl sparkle micas and create a mesmerizing melt pool. When cooled, you will see the beautiful crystallization in your warmer.

Packaged in 2 oz. resealable bags (approx. 66-68 mini cubes). Mix and match to create your own unique scent blends! Available in the following:

Absinthe & Sugar – Green/Black pearl mica -Spicy cinnamon cassia, fennel, nutmeg, star anise, cane sugar, melissa and amber with a twist of fresh green herbs and woods.

Coffin Candy Ultramarine blue - Fresh spun blue raspberry sugar, caramel and vanilla.

Cursed (Formerly Cleopatra’s Curse) - Gold/bronze pearl mica - Musk, patchouli, amber, dragon’s blood, myrrh, vanilla, rose, clove, jasmine, violet and citrus.

GravediggerBrown/bronze pearl mica - Vanilla absolute, benzoin, fresh dirt, smoke, green vines, aged wood bark and lichen.

MidnightRed/black pearl mica - Blackberry, black currant, fermented grapes, patchouli and fresh vines.

Nosferatu - Black - Dragon’s blood, bergamot, violette de parma, geranium, tonka bean and black musk.